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November 17, 2008



My kids are happy, healthy, and laughing up a storm right now. What could be better?


I, like you, am living my dream and content to say that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and a wonderful community of customers around me for support! Congrats!

Peoplefood for Dogs

My website just opened for business, I joined the Chamber and got a free add in the local paper. The lady designed an outstanding add for me, even though she never met me. I'll be able to use this add all kinds of places because she put extra effort in it. Many of the people I told about my website have e-mailed to wish me good luck and have sent my announcement to their friends.Can it get better then this? There is a pillow of support under my butt and I am grateful for it!!!

Jules Joyce

My good news is I have delicious eggnog in my fridge for me to enjoy (I wish I could say "in moderation") and I have a friend who is also addicted to eggnog!!


It is just wonderful to read your stories! I had a customer over this afternoon who is 88 years old and an absolute delight. She was planning on going into a retirement home soon but since the value of her investments dropped, she can't. I was listening to her story and marveling at her outlook on life - she is so much fun to talk to and she talks about all the fun she's had in her years. She sees the downturn as a temporary bump in the road and won't let it get her down in the dumps. What an inspiration she is to me. Please keep posting and spread the word!

Diva Danielle

My son is playing and laughing down by my feet, just seeing him so happy reminds me I am blessed!

Busy Bee

I'm able to stay at home with my two kids and work full-time. I also am starting a new business and can't wait for it to launch soon. My family is healthy and we have so much to be thankful for this year!

The Posh Parent Clarissa

I'm able to stay at home with my kids and do what I LOVE to do-sew and craft!! Just being able to be home with my kids is a gift in itself!

Renee Simmons

Our great nephew got a new heart today! Tonight is his surgery. He was born with 3 holes in his hear, he is in St. Louis Children's Hospital in ICU since 10/14!

Single Mom Claire

I went for a round of doctors visits today and did not get bad news! That is the first time ever in 2 years! That makes me happy today!

Keep It Classy, Jen

I love the am sitting here listening to my son babble...the best noise ever! Great idea!

Julie N

My family is healthy, we have food in the frig, gas in the vehicles, my hubby and I have paying jobs and it's beautiful outside! Needed this - thanks!

Babyluxe Dana

As I sit here with a migraine, I can still smile...it is beautiful outside right now! The leaves have turned, the sky is blue, the air is crisp and smells of Fall. My children are outside playing and laughing and enjoying the most perfect day! The world doesn't stop just because I do not feel well, and I'm happy for that! :)


I've been cut back to three days at my full-time job and I'm not at all upset. OK, so I'll have to finally learn to do some serious budgeting, but now I have two days to concentrate on what I LOVE to do -- sew!! Let's take those lemons and turn them into lemonade!!!

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