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June 17, 2009



Congrats to Gerri Morgan, our winnah!


Mine lasts about 6 weeks and I'm the only user! I put my remains in the little net "stocking" to make sure I get every last piece! I love my "stocking" and my soaps!

Gerri Morgan

A bar lasts about a month with 2 of us using it. My husband really likes them, and thats really saying something because he is real picky. Before he wouldn't use anything but Zest in the shower and Joy for his hands.

Nancy Medina

I seldom use my best soaps for they look and smell so nice. If I do, I use it from the bottom so the top stays fresh looking. This sounds silly but it's true.


Oh, Kathy, you're killing me. ;}

kathy vitolka

my bars last FOREVER!!! No one is allowed to use them!!! They are too pretty to use. I have six on 'display' (so far!!)


I slice the bar in half to get a smaller, space saving size in the shower and the second half of the bar is gone in 6-7 weeks by my husband and me.


mine lasts about 6 weeks and its just me!

Aimee Malousek

Mine will last 2 months, sometimes longer, with just me using it.

Wendy Weikel

One bar will last over a month with an adult and two teens, but I always keep a spare open just for the fragrance alone. Great stuff!


A bar will last us about 2 months with 2 adults using; however, one or the other of us will be gone during that period of time. So, probably a better answer is 6 weeks for 2 adults.


....a bar lasts about one month with two adults using the one bar of soap. BTW, Razzle Dazzle is our favorite!


A bar of Soapouri will last about 2 weeks since there are two kids and two adults using it..... My daughter loves to "waste soap" or rather lather it up and make sure she is spotless..... Well, she is only 8 years old.....

Terri Rackham

Everything I've ever bought from Soapourri has been a gift for someone else! So, I hope I win so I can have some for myself!

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