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March 01, 2010



Excellent post. It's totally human nature to deflect things ("it's not my fault, it's someone else's fault") but you're right, by switching our attitude, we may be saving ourselves and our companies huge future pain (PR nightmare or just having a lifelong bad habit).

Love the analogy too.


Hi Jonnie, thanks for the kudos! Yes, of course you can steal it, as long as you include my link. ;)

Jonnie Wright

This is fantastic! What a timely analogy - hockey - and how totally accurate it is! You're right as rain about the Mark Rogers incident, one person after the other deflected it. And your sauna story - again, perfect analogy. In fact I just got "deflected" this weekend at a Quik Trip - I asked the guy where the closest Panera's was at, and he said, "phone book is over there." I can almost hear the sound of my "puck" glancing off his "stick." lol Great post, perfect analogy - can I steal it? :)

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